Effective Ministry, Excellent Ministry, Unified Ministry

Contact Information

President, Voices of Coliseum Park :  Ada Arch

President, Park Harmonizers:  Deacon W. Melvin Harkless


Email address : musicministry@coliseumpark.org

Mission Statement

 Coliseum Park Baptist Church Music Ministry is a ministry where godly relationships surpass religious rituals.  CPBC Music Ministry provides pastoral support and represents the Body of Christ by providing God-inspired music.  The Music Ministry places great value in gospel music and Christian education.

Commitment to Excellence

Choir as Fellowship

Although choir is a time for us to prepare our voices and hearts to lead worship for the congregation, it should also be a time of fellowship, and support.

As a choir we pray for each other, share needs, and have occasional fellowship events outside of our Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday commitments. We should treat these fellowship the same as would in a choir rehearsal. These times of fellowship are a way to gather together in Christ's name, and become closer as a group to better serve the Lord.  As a choir member we should seek to encourage and build up one another in times of need.

Faithfulness in Ministry

Because choir is a ministry, faithfulness is important. A choir member cannot be faithful if he/she spreads himself/herself too thin.  Commitments to ministries are just that...a commitment.  Serve and give the commitment to all ministries you serve in. Consider other ministry commitments before joining another.

The definition of excellence is "doing the very best you can with what you have."  This is what we are committed to do so.  While we are not after perfection, we are to be totally committed to excellence.  Why would we want to bring anything less before God than the very best we can!? As a member of this ministry YOU should be committed to excellence.