The Women's Ministry is committed to meeting the spiritual needs of women to equip individuals to be unified in excellence in spreading the gospel of Jesus to stimulate the growth of the Church.


First reaching inward nurturing our membership through mission, study, education, fellowship and prayer.  Second, reaching outward through personal witnessing, evangelizing, helping the needy and less fortunate, and seeking justice and liberty for all.

Women's Ministry
Work of Faith and Commission

 Point to Ponder

Point to Ponder:  You were made for a mission, Let no fears keep you from fulfilling God's mission. God made you to accomplish, Let no one keep you from spreading his love.  There are two main reason's to take mission seriously, 1) Jesus commands us, and 2) your mission is a great privilege. Be all that you can be taking care of god's business Habbukuk 2:2-3.

 Contact Information

President: Sheronda Stephens


Email Address: womensministry@coliseumpark.org


Meeting Days: 1st and 3rd Mondays

What is Women's Ministry?

It is people:  A place for every woman, young and old experienced and inexperienced. They are active participants in the ministry and circles and groups.


It has a purpose: To unite all women of the church into a missionary program that will stimulate growth in witnessing and working in the church, home and community.


It is for training: To help develop leadership and a finer womanhood.  Trains women for all types of service in the missionary program.


It is for education:  Missionary education is needed in all church programs. It is of vital importance, missionary education is the sum of all efforts to cultivate, in children, young people and adults, a Christ like concern for people for people of every race, class adn nation.


It is for fellowship: Real fellowship is an important factor to the ministry it provides true sisterhood and an outlet for self examination and testimony.