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Leading Children, Youth and Young Adult towards a stronger personal relationship with their heavenly Father.  To foster the spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the love of God and Holy Spirit. Forming greater leader that will transcend for many generation to come.

Email: cyyaministry@coliseumpark.org

Youth Director: April Doxie

What is a Children's Ministry?

Partnering with parents & family members to guide children's HEART toward God.

Children's Ministry is a foundational strategy for developing a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ. It's a mix of teaching God's Word, following Jesus, and communicating God's Word to children and ensuring that they grow, in short, Children's Ministries are educational supporters who must fundamentally understand the way that children think in order to share precious spiritual facts into their lives.

What is a Youth Ministry?

Simply, the Youth Ministry is the church's efforts to help each & every young person grow personally & spiritually. The purpose of the Ministry is to prepare students for effective ministry to Middle School, High School, or College student and their families within the context of the church.  Training young people to lead the cause of Christ, and apply Christianity to every area of life is what it is about. If we don't know that, the kids won't either.

What is Young Adult Ministry?

Young Adult Ministry means bringing a generation of passionate individuals. We are a diverse group of young adults, working together to create the best communities, gatherings, and events that help young adults connect.

Young Adult Ministry should take a dynamic, multi-faceted, and inclusive approach to its outreach and pastoral care, not a single approach or program - especially since young adults are so diverse and since the church has such a vast collection of spiritual and corporal works.